Reeperbahn Q+A: Ben Caplan
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1.Please introduce yourself and let you know where you are from?

Well, I am a musician, composer, and songwriter based in Halifax, Nova
Scotia Canada. I wasn't born in Halifax, but I was drawn to the ocean
and I'm thrilled to call this place my home. Halifax is a wonderful
place for an artist to live. There is a vibrant and thriving arts
community. In fact, a large portion of the music community gathers
each week in my living room to attend the open mic that I run at my
house. I think that's something I would have a hard time organizing in
most other cities, and I really value the way this city treats me.

2.Can you tell us a little about your current record?

My new record is called In The Time Of The Great Remembering, and it
comes out October 18, 2011. This record is the product of many years
of trials and tribulations. I have spent almost four years trying to
develop my skills as an arranger, and writer, and worked with more
than 45 different musicians to try to hone my sound and find the best
players. I almost went into the studio with an entirely different crew
of musicians about 18 months ago, but the band fell apart three days
before our first recording session and I had to start from scratch. It
was lucky that I had to begin again because I don't think I could have
made this record then. I am really proud of how the album turned out,
and I can't wait to share it with the world.

3.What is the most memorable show you have played?

There have been a lot of gigs that I'll never forgot. It is impossible
to pick just one as the "most memorable" but I'll tell you about the
most recent unforgettable moment. I was playing a festival in August,
2011 called the White Rabbit Arts Festival. It was a one day
celebration that was the culmination of a seven day artists' residency
at a big arts homestead in rural Nova Scotia. Tens of brilliant
artists had spent the week creating dynamic and bizarre art
installations at this farm.

There were four bands as part of the musical culmination of the
festival. I got to headline the show, and even the stage that we
played on was an art project. It was a brilliant work of carpentry
with three levels, and all sorts of quirks and ladders. For my last
song I climbed to the uppermost part of the stage, some 20 feet over
the audience and roared from behind the piano that I had carried up
there. The moon shining behind me, and the mass of wide eyed screamers
20 feet below me was quite a rush!

4.Have you played Germany before? If so what was your favourite
experience of Germany? If not, what are you looking forward to?

I have never played in Germany before, but I have been to visit. I've
even walked through the Reeperbahn where a German friend of mine gave
me a tour of a brothel! I don't think I'll go back to the brothels
this time, but I am looking forward to playing my music for a German
audience. A lot of the music that I write is inspired by old folk
music from Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe. I am excited to
be a Canadian playing music inspired by European traditions, on
European soil.

5.What can people expect to hear at your Canada House show?

People can expect to hear me pour my soul into the songs along with my
band. It is always my goal to make each show the best I've ever
played. I've hired some really top notch musicians to join me for this
show and the subsequent tour we are doing in the Netherlands and UK.
My violinist has played for royalty and my bass player is one of the
most sought after session players on the east coast of Canada. I've
put a lot of work into making sure this is a show people will talk
about for a long time.

6. The event is being held at ‘Canada House’- If you could recommend
one Canadian record to those coming to the show (other than your own!)
what would it be?

I can't stop listening to Two Horses by Charlotte Cornfield. The album
doesn't actually come out until October 27, but Charlotte let me have
an advance copy. It's so good. I find myself singing it as I walk down
the street. You can hear a couple songs from the record at plus some songs off her
last album, which is also amazing. Check it out!


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