BLOG: OMDC presents day three at MIDEM
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The final night at MIDEM was the OMDC's time to showcase the best acts from Canada's most populated province.  The night began at 5:30PM with a reception at the Carlton hotel, attended by all showcasing members before moving over to Morrison's for the first set of the night, courtesy of Justin Hines.  Once again, the brilliant singer enthralled the capacity crowd (again it was full by 8:30PM) with tracks off his two previous albums.  Inspirational, clever and clean instrumentation followed the songwriter, leaving the audience overwhelmed by the set.  


This was followed by another Torontonian, this time CLK Recording Act Emma Lee.  What followed was a little Sheryl Crow, a little Lucinda Williams and a little Emmylou Harris, brought together with terrific musicianship and a delicate but powerful voice.

 Alyssa Reid followed with five chart-topping tracks, showcasing why she is currently number 1 on iTunes UK and on the BBC Radio 1 A-List.  Her simple, catchy melodies written for mainstream success were on point, accented by a powerful, dominating vocal range.  


To conclude, Kingston's own PS I Love You took to the stage, attacking eardrums and conceptions simultaneously, poking melodies through a wall of distortion, effects and beautiful noise.  And all of it, performed by two people.


Three nights and fourteen bands later, Canada truly has taken over MIDEM.  409 delegates were scanned entering Morrison's with each show packed to the rafters.  Here's to 2012.  Bring on 2013.

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