The Beaton Sisters

Traditional music has been a huge component of the girls' lives from day one. Coming from a musical heritage of singers, dancers, and fiddlers, it was a natural progression to learn both stepdancing and the violin at an early age (4 and 6 to be exact).

2010 has already been a rewarding year, with a trip to China to perform and planned trips overseas to Ireland and also to the United States. Dawn and Margie were also pleased to receive a Music Nova Scotia nomination and an East Coast Music Award win for Roots/Traditional Group/Duo of the year for their first recording, Taste of Gaelic!

The CD and their energetic CD release party have led to other opportunities, namely numerous ECMA showcases and one of the largest Celtic Festivals in the world.

Between these two, Dawn and Margie performed in numerous Celtic Colors shows over the years. Margie performed with the Celtic Crew for "The Next Generation" concert while Dawn performed at the World's Premiere of the MacKinnon's Brook Suite, playing with the Nova Scotia Symphony. Together, they have performed at the "Close to the Floor" concert for many years, as far back as 2001, a night of great Scottish stepdancing. The evening featured the girls dancing as soloists, in duo, the Scot's 4 and the 8-hand reel. They've also taken part in a few tribute shows: one to their beloved aunt Mary Janet MacDonald in 2008 and to Sandy MacIntyre, one of their first fiddle teachers in 2009.

Dawn and Margie have traveled to Scotland to participate in a three-week teaching session with the group "Dannsa" in the promotion and teaching of Scottish stepdancing. The trip allowed the girls to both perform and teach stepdancing and discuss the Cape Breton culture to school age children on the mainland of Scotland.

For the girls, their first foray into the musical life in Cape Breton began with stepdancing. Learning at an early age beginning with lessons from their aunt Mary Janet MacDonald, and with a stepdancing lineage extending back to their great grandfather, Domhnall Mor, Dawn and Margie have kept stepdancing at the forefront of their careers and they always pay respect to that in every show highlighting those very steps learned at the knee of their grandmother, Domhnall Mor's daughter Maggie Ann (Cameron) Beaton. The rhythm of the steps have become a focal point in the music they portray that is both lively and true to the driving beat of square dances and stepdancers.

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