Few bands can be simultaneously timeless and relevant, but that's exactly the hi-­wire act Zeus has become as a new millennium hit factory set for a triumphant return with the release of sophomore full-­length Busting Visions.   The album follows 2010 Polaris Prize-­nominated debut Say Us, which topped CBC charts, won XM The Verge's award for Album of the  Year, garnered stellar reviews from top rock mags like Q and Uncut and led to shows with Broken Social Scene, Metric, Sam Roberts Band, Bright Eyes and Belle & Sebastian. 


Website link: www.themusicofzeus.com

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/themusicofzeus

Twitter link:twitter.com/themusicofzeus

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIIfVus1klA&feature=plcp&context=C3be544aUDOEgsToPDskJGYztGgcK339Wl1kKslZj1



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