SXSW Blog: Saturday March 19th
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City and Colour SXSW 2011
Dallas Green of City and Colour | by Duncan McKie


Another warm and sunny day to capped off our wild week in Austin.  First came the terrific and overflowing BBQ on Wednesday, followed by two packed days at Canada House and hundreds of showcases featuring our artists across Austin. On the final day the line-up at Canada House  was as good as ever.  The music began at noon again, in the sun, with Alexisonfire frontman Dallas Green and his City and Colour project beginning the day for the Radio Starmaker and FACTOR sponsored party.  A good few hundred kids were parked in front of the stage, watching his every move as he set up and soundchecked.  And they truly weren't disappointed.  Even though City and Colour had to do much of the set completely acoustically due to PA issues, the audience was glued to his every word, as if Canada House had been transformed into the best coffee house show in town.   The PA began working again towards the end of the set and Green plugged in, much to the delight of the crowd.


Following City and Colour was another hugely popular Canadian artist - London, ON based MC Shad.  This time performing with a DJ and not a band, Shad wielded through half a dozen songs off his Polaris Prize nominated
Shad at Canada House 2011
Shad at Canada House Factor/ Radio Starmaker Showcase | By Duncan McKie
album T.S.O.L, before disappearing backstage to a crowd of interviews and fans.  Once again, Shad proved why he has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Canadian hip-hop. On this showing Austin and the rest of the US will be next!


Capping off the FACTOR and Radio Starmaker showcase was Vancouver's Mother Mother, producing arguably the most energetic and boisterous set yet of the week at Canada House.  Forty minutes of tracks strewn across each of their three albums ignited the audience, filling the venue to capacity.  Armed with clever boy/girl harmonies and strong, hook-filled melodies, Mother Mother closed out the showcase with force and gusto.  Just terrific.  


Following the showcase and a short break to tear down and set-up again, Live 88.5FM from Ottawa and NewCap radio closed out the daytime showcase reel at Canada House, with a party featuring St. Joe's Mission and My Favourite Tragedy.  Talent from Canada's capitol was the modus operandi here, and a complimentary bar and free Converse giveaway brought the hordes in from off the street, for good music and the chance to win a pair of sneakers.  Once again, the venue was at capacity, only forty-five
Mother Mother at Canada House 2011
Mother Mother at Canada House | By Duncan McKie
minutes in to the three hour party.  


The closing night proved busy for Canada artists.  Halifax Pop Explosion took over Canada House with sets from In-Flight Safety, Rich Aucoin, Carmen Townsend and Duzheknew among others, Pop Montreal joined Gorilla vs. Bear for a party at Club Deville, a parking lot turned nightclub next door to Stubbs   In addition, Bonjay and Poirer teamed up with Vancouverites No Gold, Basketball, Babe Rainbow Teendaze and My!Gay!Husband took over the Soho Lounge for the Music Waste x Olio Festival showcase, Little Scream joined M For Montreal for a party at Planet Quebec, and DFA 1979's "surprise set" was one of the hottest tickets in town. We took it bits and pieces from as many artists as we could, finishing off at 2AM in Canada House for a landmark set from The Golden Dogs. 


Another SXSW finished in form and fashion.  A success all around.  Bring on 2012.  

And if you missed out- don’t forget to go and download the compilation of some of the showcasing artists at the festival at!


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