Q+A: Random Recipe (Iceland Airwaves)
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Who are you and where are you from?

random recipe is 2 girls and 2 guys from Montreal Canada. we play hybrid music, blending hiphop, indie, electro and folk. we like to party.

Please tell us a little about your latest release

we released an EP this month "shake it! bake it!". it's a remix album on

which we revisit 8 tracks from our previous LP "fold it! mold it". with collaborations from DJ Brace, MHMHMH and Capitaine Soldat

What's the most memorable show you've played?

Montreal international jazz festival 2009. back then we were a small ass band no one knew of in Montreal. No label and no management. We got called 24h ahead a time to fill-in for  NYC rapper Wale who was stuck at customs. it was a headlining slot infront of 5,000 people. an amazing rush.


Have you played in Iceland before?

 No but we already predict we'll wanna move to Iceland


Do you have anything special planned for your time at Airwaves?

We hear it's the best party town in the world. We want to

meet a bunch of people and let the locals tell us what are the musts.


What plans have you got for the coming year?

 Our first album release in the french territories in europe, so lots of touring there and starting to write a second album. our boy Vince that plays guitar in the band is having a baby jesus in December, so we're also going to become parents. That should be funny. 

 And Canadian song you wish you had written?

Asides Shania Twain "man i feel like a woman", brian adams' "you love a woman", and celine dion's "titanic"... mhaaaha... 

SoCalled's "you are never alone". 

Listen to "Pack Your Bags" below: 


Photo by Emilie TheVoice

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