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    • How does Canadian Blast help me?
    • Canadian Blast is a one-stop-shop for information about Canadian music releases, artist performances and Canadian participation in international trade shows.  It offers:

      • Comprehensive listings site of Canadian bands touring around the world.
      • Information about Canadian Blast showcases, where Canadian artists and business representatives can be found
      • eBlasts to update you on the latest news, releases & tours of Canadian artists
      • A blog about the Canadian Music Scene
    • How can I learn more about Canadian Artists?
    • You can register to become a member of our International Music Community. Everyone from global music-biz executives to die-hard Canadian music fans is welcome!

      Register here to get free downloads and up-to-date info about Canadian Artists' international activities.

    • Can International bands play Canadian Blasts?
    • The short answer is no, but sometimes we participate in smaller, boutique events in Europe called 'Canadian Blast presents'. These are open to co-promotion with non-Canadian artists.

    • Is there a list of Canadian companies I can access?
    • Visit the membership section of to find out more about the Canadian independent music scene and its diverse companies.

    • Are you based in Canada?
    • Yes. Canadian Blast is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with international export offices in London, L.A. and Singapore. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

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